“I want nothing more, than for people to be dancing around their kitchens, licking their plates clean and having fun with food again! And I’m hoping to help with that by taking the stress out of planning delicious wholesome meals that are tasty for us and great for our planet”

Founder, Adrianne Hill, The Rebalance Chef

Our ethical approach to eating

The food choices we make have a direct impact on our health and on our planet. Here at rebalance HQ, we believe that a seasonal, balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and veg, a little fish and meat and a sprinkling of dairy and fat is perfect! We also believe that the more locally sourced the better as not only is it more cost effective, but by supporting local farmers and producers, we’re supporting the local economy and reducing plastic packaging waste and CO2 emissions.

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Our mission

We’re taking the stress and time out of meal planning, so you can simply cook and enjoy delicious food without waste or worry! Along the way, we want to reconnect people with their food and where it comes from. From soil to plate, we believe that the kitchen is not only the heart of the home, but also the heart of our health and the health of our planet. By eating balanced seasonal meals, not only is it great for our bodies and bank accounts, but great for local producers and businesses.

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Our values

Honesty, passion and delicious food is our core, Why? Because we want the best for you, we’ll say if something isn’t right and at the end of the day, if the food isn’t divine then what’s the point?

At our foodie core, is a deep-rooted passion for delicious, wholesome food, a happy planet and an adventurous spirit for trying and learning new things! We don’t want to hide anything from you and we don’t want to force our ethos on you, we simply want to give you the information so you can make a decision that’s best for you and help you be the cook you want to be every day!

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Our story

A passion for great food and growing your own is in Adrianne’s DNA. Growing up in the suburbs, her family garden was used as a fruit and vegetable plot, and homecooked meals were at the dinner table each night. While she learned early on the value of great tasting ethical produce and eating wholesome meals every day, hectic corporate life with long days and even longer commutes meant little time was left for planning delicious meals. With the only convenient choice being expensive and packing filled meal kits, Adrianne thought there’s a much better way, and Meals by Rebalance was created.

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