It doesn’t matter where you are in your food or lifestyle journey, what matters is having a brilliant foundation of a wholesome balanced diet and the skills to put those delicious meals on the table.

We don’t believe in fad diets, cutting out food groups and any other silver bullet type message, in fact we’ve declared mutiny on those completely!

Instead, we’re giving you meal plans that:

  • Are seasonal and therefore more nutritious and in abundance so cheaper
  • Balanced with a wide variety of foods to ensure you’re getting everything you need
  • Come with a pre-written convenient and time saving shopping list so you can shop online with just two clicks or at your local butchers, greengrocers and fishmongers (this last option we highly recommend!)

Our ethical approach means you’ll build sustainable lifetime cooking habits and make more sustainable food choices without having to think about it.

This will not only benefit your health and health goals, but the health of the world around you.

And if you ever do get stuck, our nutritional chefs are here to answer any questions you might have!

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