Meal’s by Rebalance’s mission is to make eating delicious wholesome meals while reducing food and plastic waste easy for everyone – whatever the budget. It’s that simple.

When planning our weekly meal plans, we always have our mission goals in mind, so we can help you and the world one meal at a time.

We hope that over time, more and more people will become confident home cooks, with a great knowledge of ethically conscious cooking.

A bee climbing on a lavender plant

When it comes to our meal plans, our mission is to:

  1. Use everyday seasonal produce as the foundation to our meals because it’s more nutritious for you as it’s picked at its peak, cheaper because it’s grown locally and save’s on shipping over from other countries, and it supports local farmer’s and producers.
  2. Ensure our meals throughout the week are balanced and offer choice.
  3. Give knowledge to our community so they can become the cooks they’ve always want to be.
  4. Advocate for local producers, farmers and artisans who grow, make and bake ethically conscious food.
  5. Never stop being curious and adventurous when it comes to our food.
Different foods all pictured together, picked form the garden

We’ll achieve this through our core values, which see us commit to:

  • Always focus on delivering delicious, wholesome food and meal plans that reduce waste.
  • Being honest and transparent in all that we do.
  • Celebrate and promote being passionate about food and where it comes from.
  • Being environmentally and socially conscious in everything that we do.
  • Educating people about food and it’s wider impact on society and the planet.

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