Hey! I’m Adrianne a.k.a. The Rebalance Chef and seeing as I love nothing more than inviting people to my table, feeding them and chatting all night long, I wanted to write the Meals by Rebalance story personally for you.

By 2017 I’d lost count of the number of times I’d come home from a long work day and an even longer commute wanting to cook something healthy and wholesome, but I hadn’t planned either the meal or the actual food shopping.

The Rebalance Chef serving up snacks in the kitchen
Baked Chicken Curry

Sound familiar?

With the choices of expensive, packaging-filled meal kits where you had (and still have!) zero control over the ingredients; a takeaway; or cobbling something together from not a lot, for someone who was considered the ‘foodie’ of the group, I thought there must be something available that could still be convenient but offered me more control over the cost of my meals and the where the ingredients came from.

Two things then happened.

  • Searching high and low for an alternative to meal kits, I couldn’t find one. Just more and more meal kits…
  • I’d been saving up to train as a chef at Leiths and nearly had enough. Two more paydays and I’d be able to sign up…

In a way, the rest was history!

I decided to start a meal planning service. A service that still gave people – including myself – the convenience of having wholesome and balanced recipes and ingredients ready to go, without the expensive meal kit costs or the packaging that came with them.

Meals by Rebalance is all about giving people the control and tools to put wholesome and balanced meals on the table with the bonus of becoming better cooks and reducing waste without having to think about it.

I really hope you enjoy Meals by Rebalance and don’t forget you can try two weeks for free by signing up to our free newsletter!

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