Did you know that the average household throws out over £500 worth of food each year? And on average 24 meals end up in the bin a month?

Not only that, but 70% of the food we throw away could have been eaten meaning the average household is throwing away £70 a month!

Meal planning ensures that you’re dramatically reducing your food waste by only buying what you need and using up ingredients later on in the week.

However, meal planning can take a while! So that’s why we’re here to lighten your to-do list, so all you need to do is shop, cook and tuck in!

Our meal plans are based on three key aims:

To take the stress and worry out of planning delicious, wholesome meals that fit in with our busy lifestyles

Fresh ingredients laid out together

To reduce food, plastic and packaging waste

Plate of Food

To get people enjoying both classic and adventurous dishes using seasonal ingredients

In our kitchen

At rebalance HQ, we cook and test each of the meals that go into our plans using seasonal organic ingredients, which where possible, are bought locally.

When we can’t get what we need locally, we order from producers and farmers who offer a reduced emissions delivery service. That means we’re supporting British producers and farmer’s as much as possible and helping them invest in their businesses.

Our meals plan are here to help you and to give you some inspiration!

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